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Now it's time we meet our little family, OK?




In alphabetical order, we first come to Alex.  He's four years old, the fastest and strongest boy ever, and can sing James Brown like a mutha.


Next up is Kasey.  The itty-bittiest prettiest girl in the world!


Kara and Steve

The Pets

The dog is Bill and the cat is Blackie

Some More Kids' Shots

More Shots

More Shots

More Shots

More Shots


Yep, we have videos here, too.  Clicking the pictures will open a new window. Use divx or xvid's codec if you can't play them.

The first Peanut Butter Sandwich Alex ever made!     Magic Show - The Amazing Alex                             Magic Show - the Amazing Kasey                          Big Muscles                                                              Playing in the Leaves

Kasey's Birthday Party 2005                                     Get Up Off Of That Thang                                      Christmas Show - Alex and Kasey                           Christmas Show - Kasey         

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